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Website Terms


This website is owned and operated by Dornoch and District Christian Fellowship (DDCF).

Contact Form Details

By submitting information via the contact (Get in Touch) page, you are giving permission for DDCF or its authorised representatives to contact you via any details provided, or execute any actions as appropriate to the selections or other details provided via the form.

Privacy Policy

Personal details provided via this website will never be sold on or given to any third party unless required by law.

Every effort is made to maintain the security of this website, it’s operation, and any data stored on it (not least for the sake of the site) but no liability can be accepted should any violation occur.


Comments or other materials submitted as potential site content may be published in part, whole or not at all, entirely at our own discretion, without obligation or explanation.

No SPAM please

Do not send unsolicited advertising, aka SPAM to this website via any channel. It just wastes everyone’s time as it will be deleted outright and certainly not published.

Copyright & Licences

All the photographs, images, graphics and other types of content on this website are copyright of DDCF or the original author/creator of the material. This applies to individual elements, pages, and the website as an entity. Please do not violate copyright either of this site or any other site or medium.

Aspects of this site’s functionality and coding are used under various licences, including purchased commercial licences and open source licences (GNU open source licences). Copying or otherwise replicating any functionality or coding in this website may be in breach of the licensing agreements, and anyone attempting to do so may be breaking laws in the UK and/or other countries.

Where material submitted to this site for publication is found to be in violation of copyright, the content will remain unpublished or be removed.

By submitting any material to the site, you are giving unreserved royalty free permission for the material to be published on this site without recompense unless otherwise agreed in writing.


Cookies may be used to facilitate the optimum operation of some aspects of this website and its functions. DDCF has no interest in storing, monitoring or retaining any information relating to these cookies apart from the function of this website.

DDCF may use analytical packages, for anonymous statistical analysis of website usage.

IP Addresses are Logged for Security

Site access IP addresses are logged, and retained for a limited period of time, via our hosting provider, along with the date, time and some other bits of information available within the statistics system. These are of no interest to DDCF apart from anonymous website usage analysis. However, should this website or any other DDCF interests be subject to any malicious or otherwise suspicious behaviour, the log could be accessed for the purpose of tracing or blocking.


Links to other websites or organisations are provided in good faith, however, DDCF does not endorse or guarantee the content, or its suitability, of products, services, information or ideologies of any sites linked to this one.

Accuracy of Information

Every effort is made to ensure that the information provide by this site, or via other communication methods linked or associated with this website, is accurate, but no liability is accepted for any losses or damages which may occur through your use of any information or services which you obtain through this website, or anything associated with this website.

As in all matters related to your well-being, you should consult a lawyer (attorney), accountant, financial advisor or other relevant professional before making any decision or taking any course of action which could adversely affect you.

Modification of these Terms

We reserve the right to modify these terms at any time.


This website is owned and operated in Scotland and as such is primarily subject to Scots Law. UK laws may apply in some areas, but the main jurisdiction and relevant legal process is Scots Law.